get a bigger penisMany men are making their penis bigger naturally using Penis exercise. When I discovered about penis exercises I was amaze with the benefits these penis exercises offer. Previously, I tried many penis enlargement methods but can't able to get permanent results from any of them. Therefore, when I first discovered about Penis exercises I was skeptical about them but I decided to try them because many researches showed that these penis exercises really work.

Before starting penis exercises my penis size was 4.5 inch in length and around 3.5 inches in girth. These are less than average so I always avoid looking down under my pants. My previous girlfriends also complaint about my small penis this is why I was desperate to get a bigger penis.

My journey to bigger and stronger penis was not easy. The most terrible experience I got was from penis pumps. I strongly recommend you to avoid penis pumps. I purchased $90 penis pumps and tried it for 2 months and I only get painful sores in my penis. Even I able to get proper erection without using penis pump. Penis do look bigger after pumping session but this temporary gain is short-live and penis get into its normal size. There is no medical research that support the claims that these sellers of Penis Pumps making in their website.

Do Penis Exercise Really Work?

penis enlargement exercises

Many of my website visitors often ask this type of question and the answer is both yes and no. Many men able to increase their penis size with the help of penis exercises while a lot of men fail to get any gain.

If you want to increase inches in your penis size then you should know that many researches proved that it is possible to increase penis size with the help of penis exercises. However, changes with penis exercises don't come overnight and you have to perform some sort of penis enlargement routine to get results.

Most men don't see any changes in their penis size before 3 months. Therefore if you decided to start penis exercise then allow yourself at least 3 months before concluding if penis exercises working for you or not.

There are several types of penis exercises that can increase your penis size. Two very popular penis exercises are stretching and jelqing. Stretching exercise increases length of the penis while Jelqing increases the girth of the penis.

In the next post, I am going to reveal how to perform these two penis exercises carefully so that your penis will become stronger and bigger.